Thursday, October 1, 2009


Wow, remind me not to make any commitments for a while!  I thought that I'd said I would announce this month's theme sometime today, not specifically this morning.  And now I have a headache, and still haven't chosen between global health (about which I know very little, but would allow me to highlight the great work of Doctors Without Borders, and would be timely given the tragedy of yesterday's earthquake/tsunami) and local hunger issues (about which I know more, and would be timely given the impending launch of a DC Food for All blog sometime this month). 

I think the headache is related to too many days in a row of staying up Way Too Late (an occupational hazard of unemployment) but still getting up at a reasonable time, so please please forgive me for not making the decision right now.  I will sleep on it and post tomorrow. 

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